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Great Boat Holiday

Welcome to The Great Boat Holiday!

Thank you very much for keeping your boat at Len’s Cove; we hope you had a fantastic summer. If you are new to LCM, this will be a program you haven’t seen yet. If you are returning, will this be the year you take us up on this great offer? 

Announcing the 13th Annual Great Boat Holiday by Len’s Cove! 

What better way to beat the mid winter blues than by taking a holiday from boat ownership. If you were thinking about a new or new-to-you boat next summer, Len’s Cove Marina invites you to take a break from boat ownership and start fresh in Spring 2024 and save some money at the same time.

Program Benefits:

  • MAXIMUM trade value! Since we have boat show season and spring to sell your trade, we give you more than it will ever be worth again. Because of that we offer about 2-5% more than would later in the spring.
  • Get a Storage Credit! Trade your current boat now and receive an instant credit equal to the storage portion of your winter contract!
  • Cancel your boat insurance! You won’t need it for a few months.
  • Acquire any boat you want! This program applied to all new and used inventories plus custom ordered 2024 boats! Any factory paid boat show incentives will be honoured as well.
  • It is your time to have any choice! The commitment to trade can come before you decide what you want next season. Used inventory is now at it’s peak and you still have time to grab a deal on a inventory boat or even order one custom for next spring.
  • Bottom line, waiting till spring costs you money and reduces your choices dramatically!


Program Details:

  1. A quote signifying your trade will be drawn up indicating the unit you have chosen (or a unit “yet to be decided”). To qualify you don’t have to rush the decision on the new or “new to you” boat – just say yes to the trade!
  2. Program ends January 31st, 2024 –  “commitment to buy” must be made by that time (not what boat you are buying).
  3. Storage Credit (that you have already paid) gets applied at time of boat delivery in spring.
  4. New (or new to you) boat must be chosen/ordered no later than February 23rd, 2024 (although we suggest not waiting that long for availability)
  5. New “In stock” unit requires a 10% deposit signing, (not including value of “storage credit”), balance due March 30th, 2024. **Financing available
  6. New “Ordered” unit requires a 10% deposit signing, (not including value of “storage credit”), balance due upon delivery from the manufacturer to Len’s Cove.**Financing available
  7. On a Used “In stock” unit, 25% deposit is required at signing, (not including value of “storage credit”), balance due March 15th, 2024.**Financing available

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