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Boat Brokerage

The Most Powerful Boat Brokerage Partnership

We know that sometimes, as much as we don’t welcome the news, you may need to sell your used boat. We wanted to give you the best brokerage value by minimizing the time that process takes, and maximize the amount you can receive for your boat.

What we offer is like no other boat brokerage:

  • Because we are also a dealer, we can provide boat loan marine financing to a potential purchaser (private sales or pure brokerages can not).
  • Our marketing (website, listings on BoatDealers.ca, social media, and our YouTube Len’s Cove Lessons in Boating Channel) attract boat buyers from the whole world.
  • We completely protect your identity from any buyer by purchasing your boat from you and selling it from our inventory when the agreement is reached.
  • All marketing, selling and lake test costs are covered by our 10% + HST commission.
  • If you are selling a cruiser less than 30 years old and over $20,000 value, your fees include our partnership with North South Yacht Sales and a listing on Yacht World. North South is a large Port Credit based yacht brokerage with offices and agents in Port Credit, St. Catharines, Georgian Bay, and Eastern Ontario (Ottawa).
  • What this does for any listing with Len’s Cove is DRAMATICALLY increases your market exposure, penetration, and visibility. Now when you list your boat with Len’s Cove Marina it is advertised for sale:

When you dramatically increase the market of buyers, by providing broader market coverage, and offering services and products not available from traditional yacht brokers, the results can be a quicker sale for a higher price. That is not to say, that it increases the value of your boat. However, it may allow you to hold to the higher end of the value range due to increased potential buyers.

A better boat brokerage, more value to you, at no additional cost – Len’s Cove Marina

Along with this new added marketing benefit, you still receive the great service of:

  • A skilled, trained and dedicated Len’s Cove Sales Team
  • A safe location to dock or store your boat while for sale
  • Access to skilled on site technicians and Service Team to expedite any repairs or inspections
  • A parts and accessory selection to meet most needs swiftly to expedite any sale
  • Relationship with professional and reasonably priced surveyors
  • Legal shelter through proper forms and processes
  • A marina that is MICD 5-Star Certified