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Len's Cove Marina

Welcome to Len’s Cove – on the Big Rideau Lake, at the center of Eastern Ontario boating, since 1958.

With easy access to Ottawa, Kingston and the St. Lawrence/Thousand Islands, you have the most beautiful water and relaxing settings at your front door.

Find yourself surrounded in a resort-like atmosphere with all the amenities close at hand. The grounds are beautifully maintained and give you ample space to stretch out and enjoy the day. Take a dip in the saltwater pool, lounge on the lawns, barbecue with friends, or slide over to The Galley for an amazing meal or drink.

Your boat is in the best of hands with Len’s Cove’s meticulously trained and caring technicians, full canvas shop and dock staff. Your needs are the only consideration, whether you have a 14-foot cottage boat or a 50-foot yacht.

Only satisfied with a smile: the RIGHT boat and the boat RIGHT! More boating, simply delivered. Come visit Len’s Cove and see- you may never want to leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to be able to find out pricing in a transparent and easy way. Check your boat, possible boats, and compare different storage and/or dockage types – just click this link here. You are welcome to call or email us too anytime if you have questions.

When checking your pricing at this link here, you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page. That will go directly to us and you can expect a response within one business day.

We have a team of amazing skilled and factory trained technicians who we can honestly say really do care about your boat. Our team members are selected not only for skill, but “why” they come to work everyday. We also have the same staff year after year and that allows loyalty we show them gets reflected in the work they do for you. We also do not hire temporary workers at peak times just to handle the increased load. Good training, efficient systems, and smart planning is better than more unskilled hands. In the spring and summer there are carefully selected students working the docks and cleaning boats.

There are four different blogs that outline what we do (one for each boat and/or engine type). Here is a link to each: Cruiser, Inboard/Outboard Bowrider, Inboard Towboat, Outboard Bowrider or Pontoon.

You will receive communication (email) from us that will have a link to an actual launch calendar with pre determined launch slots. You will be able to select an actual date and time from the available schedule. We launch and lake test every boat and in the event there is something not working at that time we contact you right away. See above links for more specifics.

We close for only two weeks officially at Christmas. We have a full team on all winter long to do tune-ups, gelcoat work, preventative maintenance, canvas and upholstery, major projects, wet sand/compound/polish, etc.

After April 1st we switch gears to boat delivery (new and used) and launching all the boats that store with us. There is no time in the schedule for maintenance till mid June. We leave just enough slack time in our schedule to handle emergencies.

Light maintenance, cleaning, small upgrades, and minor repairs are allowed. Nothing can be performed on marina grounds that has a possible environmental or safety impact. Here is a partial list of activities that can only be performed by our team of technicians: bottom painting, major electrical (12V or 110V system), engine mechanical, engine electrical, oil changes. When in doubt just ask, we are easy to approach about the subject.

Taxes are extra – add 13% HST.

Our No-Hassle Dockage/Storage Refund policy is based on the date of cancellation and boat leaving after sold and allows you to be refunded on the entire contract amount: April 70%, May 60%, June 50%, July 40%, August 30%, September 20%.***
***The services (parts and labour) are refundable on this schedule: On or before July 80%, August 50%, September 25%. Depending on how you chose to pay your contract (lump sum vs. quarterly payment, you may still owe money on your contract, or may be entitled to a refund). As of October 1st, no refund is available.